Gove Group knows that there is a difference between information and knowledge.  In order for information to become knowledge, the learner must see/hear it, understand it, and be able to apply it.  Gove Group is a confererence management Pittsburgh-based company.

From Information to Knowledge

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We understand how people learn – both children and adults (They learn very differently!)  In preparing information, we employ the best teaching techniques for each audience to reach the greatest level of success..

We integrate effective educational strategies with practical and successful training approaches to help you achieve your goals: ultimately transforming training into sustainable knowledge.

Gove Group, Inc. was founded in 1989.  We have worked in multiple industries including energy, aging, children and youth, insurance, health and community development in the government, non-profit, and education sectors.  We are located in the Gove Business Center, a building housing entrepreneurs, non-profits and start-up businesses who collaborate and coach one another.

Gove Group is available to help YOU to:

  • Define your learning needs for your audience
  • Examine the appropriate delivery method to fit YOUR needs
  • Execute (or help you to execute) dynamic, meaningful training that will transform into sustainable knowledge