Information About Learning

Adult Learning

Many people who offer or purchase adult training programs are not aware of the distinctly different ways that adults learn.

Many who offer training do not realize that percentage of retention that training will yield.

We encourage you to look for a great ROI on your training by understanding adult learning.




Learning: Is It Work or Is It Fun?

What a strange question! Learning is WORK. It takes concentration, determination, time, and effort. There is probably a financial cost associated with learning.

Wait! I meant to say that learning is FUN. You become enlightened, enabled, empowered, engaged, and able to think critically and strategically. You become smarter.

Learning is clearly in the eye of the beholder!

If you are interested in doing a better job at the work you do … and being able to help more people … and creating a better mouse trap, learning is your path to success.

We all take learning for granted. Quite often, learning is accidental. If the news is on TV, you learn about what is happening in the world. If you have a conversation with a knowledgeable person, you learn what he/she knows. This is the easy learning.

If you attend a professional development event – classroom training, a conference – learning becomes a little more difficult. Specific information is expected to be taken in and mastered.

The most difficult level of learning is when you must accomplish something new but have almost no idea how to do it. This learning is heavy pressure. But, you’re probably highly motivated.

The bottom line is, it’s up to you to decide whether leaning is work or fun. Make it what you will. Just Do It!

Questions to Ponder: What would it take for YOU to make learning fun instead of work? What would your motivation be? What would be your rewards?