I Have NO TIME to Make Time for All of the Conference Planning Tasks!

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Is this you?

  • Trying to work faster than the clock ticks?
  • Feeling like you’ll never get everything done?
  • Worried that you’ll miss a deadline or task?
  • Scared you’ll make mistakes?

Be a Conference LEADER (and stop being a Runner)


Understand your Leadership Role

  • See the big picture.
  • Want to go from Good to GREAT.
  • Know that it takes a great team to created greatness.

Work like a Leader 

  • Establish tasks, time lines, budgets, and priorities.
  • Set stretch goals for all aspects of the conference.
  • Plan for new information and energy in this conference.
  • Include what everyone likes and surprise everyone with an extra step forward.

Leaders are WISE – they DELEGATE

  • Recognize that you must be the best you – and you can’t do everything and be the best at everything.  No one can.
  • Choose people whose work you admire and trust.

Steps to Successful Leadership

  • Know & aim for the big goal of the conference.
  • List the steps to get there.
  • Determine who the best people are to get you there.
  • Become a work partner with those who can help you reach the big goal.
  • Guide your partners in accomplishing the steps to meet your expectations


Tip:  The goal is having a fantastic conference.  Being the conference leader is NOT about seeing how much YOU can get done, it’s about seeing how much you can get your team to accomplish under your guidance so that you reach the goal.