You Know TOO Much!

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Do you believe there is such a thing as “too much knowledge”?


Perhaps you’d run the risk of being called a “smarty pants” by people.

(Joe thinks he knows everything!)


You know better!  There’s no such thing as too much knowledge.  Knowledge is POWER.


Who among us doesn’t need more power every day in trying to accomplish the ten millions things on our “to do” list?


But be careful to distinguish between knowing and knowledge.  We all know a lot.  And we know others who know a lot.  But, how does that relate to knowledge?


Knowledge is the combination of having information and knowing-what-to-do with that information.


What are you offering at your conference?  Information (knowing) or Solutions (knowledge)


I’m really not trying to be confusing – but think about it.


This is knowing:

  • The more an employee is engaged, the better the work product.
  • There are thousands of children in your community that go through every day hungry.
  • Most Americans leave a bigger carbon footprint than those in the whole continent of Africa.


Knowledge is

  • Successfully engaging an employee in order to get the best of his/her service ability.
  • Creating a collaborative effort in your community where every child has a hot meal every day.
  • Teaching and implementing an energy savings program in the city that cuts use of electricity by

18% in one year just by turning off machinery/lights/computers when not in use.


Is your conference … are your presenters … offering information or knowledge in your conference?


  • Will attendees leave with their heads spinning with ideas – that they will go and implement?
  • Will they be desperate to attend next year for more solutions that your conference provides?
  • Will you be the first thought in your conference attendee’s mind when they run into a problem and are searching for a solution?
  • Will your conference brochure be the one they wait for each year for their MUST ATTEND event?


 Gove Group, Inc. has the expertise to help you to ensure that your conference will provide real, sustainable KNOWLEDGE to your attendees.  Let us share some ideas on how to we can help you make this happen!