Choosing HOW to Spend My Time

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Spend My Time




  1. Allot a certain amount of time to a task and finish it within that time.  (Unless you’re doing something for the first time, you know about how long it should take you to do the task.


  1. Always do the most important task first – the one that matches your main goals.  (We tend to do the easiest first and then have less time for the more difficult tasks.  This is backwards to how it should be done.)


  1. Give some of your tasks to others to do and just spend a small amount of your time checking this work. (You may spend some up-front time training someone else, but it will definitely pay off in the end.)


  1. Just don’t do some of the tasks on your list! Are they really crucial?  (Sometimes we fall into a pattern of doing things just because we have always done them, or done them “that way”.  Weed these out.