Program Examples

Program Examples developed by Gove Group.

Kids Get It

Gove Group created the Kids Get It energy program for teachers and students of grades K-12. You can view this program at

Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association

Program ExamplesPIOGA asked us to create an Energy Education teacher training program, primarily for grades 4 through 8. We developed a one-day training program that covered renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The lessons were grade appropriate for the teachers who attended the training. Gove Group delivered workshops to 18 counties/67 school districts. Attendees rated the workshop at 3.9 (our of 4) points.


“When PIOGA decided to develop an energy education program in 2012, I sought out a curriculum specialist with experience and chose The Gove Group.  I could not be happier with our decision; Sue and her team took our ideas and dreams and made them reality.  I am truly looking forward to working with this team of education specialists for years to come.” Dan Weaver, Director of Public Outreach, Pennsylvania Independent Oil & Gas Association (PIOGA)